Welcome to the Akurle Wiki

 Welcome to the Akurle wiki! This is where I keep information about my characters, including backstories, appearances, personalities and roleplays they are in. I keep all the info about every major character I have ever created, whether they are from a roleplay or a story I've made.


  • Ask the founder before you want to create a page!
  • Do not vandalize, you will otherwise be grealy punished
  • No adding inappropriate images or images with tons of gore (A bit of blood is fine, but not guts flying everywhere, ect)
  • Please add a signature to your artwork and credit the author of any art (A siganture is not required, just reccomended)
  • No spamming
  • Do not constantly ask for rights, they are given as a matter of trust and you need to earn them yourselves
  • Don't blame others for damage caused by you, or make excuses for things you have done
  • No trolling or flaming
  • Do NOT edit someone else's page without permission
  • No swearing, or you will be punished. Minor cusses such as crap and damn are barely acceptable, so do not repeatedly say them
  •  Attempting to overthrow may cause a permenant ban, so don't even try
  • If you are accidentally banned or banned for a reason you don't think was worth it, you may come back with another account and tell the founder why you don't think you should be banned. But if the founder keeps you banned, any other accounts you make will also be banned
  • Users of any age are allowed, but do NOT say your age or ANY personal information
  • As said before, NO personal info is allowed. The founder will not punish you for this, but telling any personal info is extremely dangerous and the consequences will be punishment enough
  • Do not add pages that have nothing to do with this wiki, like a story from a movie or such.
  • Kinda obvious, but hacking is not allowed. If someone continuously hacks out of their ban, the hacker will be ignored and problems they made will be fixed. No fun hacking if no one cares, so if you see a hacker, let the founder know and ignore him or her
  • Do NOT steal artwork. It is a horrid crime in real life, and here you can get in real trouble. To avoid your art getting stolen, add a watermark, or signature, and tell and admin or bureaucrat that your art was stolen and the user to stole it
  • Respect the admins, bureaucrats, and moderators. If they tell you something, do it
  • If you are given a position, do not abuse it. If you use your rights to make others do what you want, bully, ect, you will be punished and lose all hope of getting rights again
  • If you have questions, or if you find a problem or such, ask the founder or an admin or bureaucrat
  • Roleplays are aloud, but follow the same rules in a RP as you would do when making an article